About Us


We are an informal co-op of dedicated breeders who share the same high standards of health and breeding, who recognise the problems facing our beloved breed in New Zealand, caused by a limited gene pool, lack of health testing and the proliferation of backyard breeders, not to mention international scammers who prey on unwitting people desperate for a puppy.

We are Dogs NZ registered breeders , assuring we breed to the highest ethical standards.

We are all actively involved in Conformation Dog Showing, and breed to the NZ Pomeranian Breed Standard. We breed for health, conformation, temperament, type and the love of our breed.


We do not breed for colour, nor do we breed teacups, micros, teddy bears, or baby-dolls which are all red-flag terms used by puppy mills and scammers. Nor do we breed merles or other "rare" colors that can only be achieved by cross breeding.


We came together to assist each other and our breed by pooling resources, sharing knowledge, importing studs from new bloodlines and to share our waiting lists so that genuine owners seeking a healthy dog can make the most of our co-operative efforts.

  • We believe all breeders should take responsibility for any dog they produce. All our dogs come with a no questions asked return policy for the dog's entire life.

  • We believe in science over guesswork, and that healthy dogs are more important than winning dogs.

  • We understand that this is the 21st Century and that old school methods of "breed lots of dogs to see what we get" have been replaced with a much better science-based understanding of diseases, genetic issues and coat colour.

  • We believe breeding is not successful or ethical without understanding genetics and keeping up with the latest advancements in genetics and reproductive science. 

  • Because of the advances in DNA profiling, we believe all breeders should be working toward eliminating conditions that cause Pomeranians a lifetime of suffering and should never breed from affected dogs.

  • We believe each generation we breed should be better than the one before and that "better breeding" means "healthier breeding".

  • We believe that Conformation Show judging is too subjective and flawed to offer a reliable measure of a dog's quality, so while we show our dogs (if they enjoy it) and strive to have them achieve the title of "champion" it is not our reason for breeding and we will always err on the side of "healthy" over "winner".