The High Cost of Breeding Healthy Poms

Anybody with a male and female dog can call themselves a breeder and sell you a puppy. A properly health tested puppy, however, comes at cost.


It starts with DNA screening and testing the health of both parents and continues through the mating, pregnancy and rearing of the litter. "Vet checked" is not health testing. It is the bare minimum any reasonable person might do, and should not be confused with the extensive health care provided by an Accredited Breeder.

Remember, a Pomeranian giving birth to 3 average sized pups (@125 grams) is the equivalent of a 70kg woman giving birth to three 11lb babies! We are acutely aware of the dangers of whelping and rearing pups, and take every precaution we can to prevent harm to the mother or her babies.

Health testing costs include DNA testing to ensure both parents are clear of known genetic conditions. It means annually certifying both parents' hearts and patellas are clear. All of these certificates should be available for you to see but this testing runs to about $300 per dog per year.

It can mean a stud fee of more than a $3000 for a healthy, suitable sire, even more if frozen semen is used from an imported sire to improve the genetic diversity of our narrow gene pool.

In addition to progesterone testing prior to mating. the bitch will be scanned at 28 days to confirm pregnancy and x-rayed around 55 days so the heads of the pups can be measured to ensure they will fit through the birth canal. If not, then a Caesarian is certain which can cost anywhere from $1000 but usually costs more because naturally, the bitch will go into labour at the worst possible moment- 2:30 am on a public holiday is a popular time - in which case the delivery could cost more than $3000.

The mother will also require nutritional supplements, calcium and additional feeding throughout her gestation and following the birth. We literally do not leave the side of our bitches for the first three weeks after the pups are born, to ensure the mother does not fall ill from milk fever or a calcium deficiency. (We don't even factor the cost of this 24 hour care into the calculation)

Before a single pup is born, the cost can be approaching $5000 for a properly health tested litter where the mother receives gold-standard care. Consider what a backyard breeder must spend on health care when they sell their pups for $1500 and are still making a profit.

Assuming the pups require minimal medical intervention to thrive, they will still need to be vaccinated at 8 and 12 weeks, micro-chipped and registered with the NZKC and the CAR. This will cost another $200-$300 per puppy.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $4000 to $20,000 (from the top Pom kennel in the world located in Canada). Dogs are easier to buy than bitches who usually come breeding restriction. Health-tested breeding bitches from champion lines will cost closer to $10,000.

Please be aware than we do not advertise on TradeMe, but scammers do, often with pictures stolen from legitimate breeders, or even stuffed toys that look disturbingly real. Always insist on visiting the dogs in their homes with their breeders, ask to meet the parents and don't take no for an answer.

If you wish to import an dog from overseas, we urge you to contact us first, as we can check who the legitmate breeders are in both NZ and overseas and we're pretty good at spotting the scammers, too.