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Teacup Pomeranians

By Trish Tribble

Contrary to what some say, there is no such thing.  

The Pomeranian is a diminutive sized dog. Why on earth someone would want to make them even smaller than they are (2kgs) is beyond my comprehension.  If someone is selling one, check that the parents have been health tested and that the puppy in fact, is not suffereing from a Liver shunt. 2 mins to email could save you thousands! 

Please do not ask me to produce a tea cup Pom, or a pomsky. I do not crossbreed. I breed to the standard, and I aim to produce HEALTHY pups first and foremost.

Too many people ask if I have teacups. NO! they are the normal size. there is only the Pomeranian, there are no words before or after, there is no teacup, micro, toy, tiny, pocket, victorian or any other made up name!!!

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